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Kilcoy State High School

Kilcoy State High School opened in 1963 and has grown steadily over the past five decades. Our school motto, “Success with honour” encapsulates our school values, expectation, achievement and success. Our vision “Expecting the best, achieving success” demonstrates that we have high expectations and envisage success from all members of our school community.  Our framework for this success is P.E.P.A.R, prepared, engaged, performing, aspiring and responsible, this framework encompasses all that we do. At Kilcoy High, teachers build productive relationships to ensure constant student improvement and their best possible outcomes. Kilcoy State High School’s data is very positive, indicating that we are performing very well in terms of achievement, behavioural outcomes, attendance and engagement.

Our students receive the benefits of:

  • community environment

  • safe and supportive school environment

  • high teacher to student ratio

  • breadth of subject choice

  • wide range of co-curricular activities

  • regular parent contact and opportunities for involvement

  • targeted support

  • clear pathways to university or vocational education and training

  • school-wide pedagogical framework.

High expectations are met through our focus on student learning outcomes, curriculum development, and pedagogy.

Kilcoy State High School’s facilities have been extensively upgraded over the past few years. We enjoy strong community support and the benefits of well-established links with local organisations and employers. Our school will continue to grow and develop in the future; we are the gateway to our student’s success.

Chris Dench.





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