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Student services and support programs

Students have a range of support services they are able to access at Kilcoy State High School.  The available services are outlined below:

  • School Based Youth Health Nurse
  • School Chaplain
  • School Guidance Officer

School Based Health Nurse

The school health nurse is a Registered Nurse with additional training and education in all aspects of youth health. The school health nurse is available 3 days/ fortnight for confidential consultations on health and social related issues. These may include concerns relating to relationships, sexual health, mental health, risk taking, diet and healthy eating and anything that affects health and wellbeing.

The school health nurse is based in the library and students are invited to make appointments through the office.

School Chaplin

The school chaplain is a part of the school-based support team. A chaplain’s role is to promote social, emotional and spiritual well-being in school communities, to assist in community liaising, mentoring, role modelling, educational support, extra –curricular activities and contributing to the teams they are part of.

Here at Kilcoy High School, the chaplain is Mrs Kate Gold (Chappy Kate) who also works at Kilcoy Primary School. Kate is in the school every Wednesday and Friday. Her office is in the resource centre.

Kate’s role in the school:

  • Social and emotional support: Chaplains provide positive support through lunch time interaction, Breakfast club, and being generally friendly and available to students, families and staff. Chaplains also respond to individual pastoral care needs through one on one pastoral conversations – listening and advocating.
  • Spiritual support: Chaplains can respond to individual spiritual, religious and ethical issues in schools through 1 on 1 spiritual support conversations, through supportive groups and lunchtime programs.
  • Community development: Chaplains help connect the school community with the wider community to meet needs as they arise. This can include networking with local community organisations and local churches, to collaborate on projects e.g. Local Harmony Day events, involvement in school activities and referral options.
  • Mentoring and role modelling: The chaplain can be a positive adult to take an interest in students, walking alongside them in their school journey, living out positive values and providing guidance on general life issues.
  • Supporting education: Chaplains provide pastoral support to teachers to relieve some of the pressure they feel in their role with students, provide in-class support to students with specific needs and provide programs to support emotional and social needs to help students engage more fully in their learning.
  • Extra-curricular activities: Chaplains participate in school camps, excursions, and other extra-curricular activities that encourage and support the school community.
  • Team contribution: School chaplains are part of 3 teams – SU Qld, the school (DETE) and the local chaplaincy committee (LCC). This involves being accountable, writing reports, promoting the chaplaincy service, fundraising, undertaking professional development and professional supervision.

School Guidance Officer

My name is Joshe Newton and I am the Guidance Officer. I am excited to be a part of the Student Support Services Team and look forward to working with the students and families of Kilcoy State High School.

As the Guidance Officer, I am able to provide an initial consultation with students and/or their families to identify factors that can be barriers to their learning and development. These barriers may include concerns such as mental health and well-being, career pathways, personal crisis or behavioural issues. This support may be provided at school through specific programs and counselling or through a referral process to external agencies.

I am available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays. If you require an appointment please see the Administration staff to book a suitable time. I look forward to meeting everyone throughout the year.